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Future Stewards of the Rangeland

The Arid West

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Stewards of the Rangeland

Rangeland Under Fire:
KNPB in partnership with producers Dennis and Gabe Golden present the fourth documentary in the award winning Stewards of the Rangeland series. “Rangeland Under Fire” documents the latest challenges faced by our open range food producers and land managers, due to wildfire, battle for resources from wild horse herds, drought, litigation, water and competition from foreign imports.

The Endangered West:
The Endangered West focuses on a race against time as environmental scientists use the latest technology to battle the forces of nature – Wildfire, Predation and Invasive Trees to prevent the listing of the Sage Grouse as an endangered species.

Rangeland Water:
Rangeland Water explores the question of who will have access to the state’s most precious resource as we march into a new century. A proposed pipeline would move water south from central and eastern Nevada valleys to supply Las Vegas and relieve the shortage from Lake Mead. The future allocation of this water may determine whether ranchers, rural lifestyle, and wildlife give way to urban growth and development. The decision may truly determine what species in Nevada will be endangered.
Stewards of the Rangeland:
Stewards of the Rangeland points a spotlight on livestock management strategies of five northern Nevada ranching families, who make extensive use of Nevada’s public land. Follow along as the ranchers give an inside look on what it means to be a rancher in the current climate and how each has to tailor their ranch to fit the distinctive environment that is Northern Nevada.

The five ranching families and locales include:
– Tipton’s in Winnemucca
– Cassinelli’s in Paradise Valley
– Dufferena’s in Denio
– Quinn River Crossing in Denio
– Boies’ in Wells