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Nevada Ranchers Continue Aggressive Ad and Social Media Campaigns

On behalf of Nevada’s Public Land Ranchers, annually the Nevada Rangeland Resources Commission has the responsibility of considering funding proposals that educate and inform the public about the rancher’s role in public land grazing. Each year they consider requests from applicants who present programs designed to promote responsible grazing on Nevada’s rangelands. Grants are awarded to the successful applicants.

Nevada ranchers with public land grazing allotments fund the NRRC based on the number of AUM’s they are authorized to graze on their respective allotments.

A major portion of the funding is allocated to the airing of 30 minute documentaries on TV and social media to educate Nevada’s urban and rural residents. The primary theme of all produced media is to convey how Nevada’s public land ranchers through responsible grazing and sound science play an essential role in feeding the nation while utilizing a renewable resource, Nevada’s rangeland grasses and forage.

The documentaries, advertising campaigns and social media segments produced by Golden Productions  can all be viewed under the documentaries and advertising pages of the website.

NRRC has also entered into an alliance with The Eastern Nevada Landscape Coalition to produce up to 16 minutes of finished video for education through website and social media on Pinion Juniper Ecosystems, the challenges of PJ removal, restoration and the potential for utilization of the product. Joint location film and editing with ENLC will result in very cost effective production of  social media segments on PJ for both NRRC and ENLC. Funding participation by NRRC in the project would also allow matching grant opportunities for ENLC with the PJ project.

NRRC Commissioners have also approved production of a video segment that will highlight the accomplishments of the recipients of NRRC funding over the recent years. This will showcase the pursuit of their goals to inform and educate Nevadans about responsible public land ranching and how the funding contributed by Nevada ranchers has been effectively utilized in different ways in the pursuit of those goals. The video will be highlighted on the NRRC website and Facebook page and featured on social media.

NRRC will continue funding website maintenance and their Facebook page. Golden Productions will continue to provide supervision and develop ads for social media as well as monitor the website, YouTube channel, Facebook page visits and provide viewership analytics.

The Commission traditionally approves funding requests from Range Magazine including the production and redesign of a series of four color, full page back cover ads in the magazine.

Great Basin Water Network also receives financial help in their ongoing opposition to urban efforts to acquire rural Nevada’s water.

Progressive Rancher and Nevada Rancher Magazine also receive support for their editorial and advertising efforts to promote public land ranching. For details on other recipients of funding contact Rachel Buzzetti at:(775)-738-4082.

The NRRC is governed by a commission of up to nine voting members. These members are nominated through each of the grazing boards, Nevada Cattlemen’s Association, Nevada Woolgrowers and the Farm Bureau; they are appointed by the Governor.

Current Commissioners include:
Hank Vogler – Chairman, Rama Paris – Vice Chairman
Richard Huntsberger, Mitch Heguy, Bevin Lister, Bert Paris and Mel Hummel.
The Commission appreciates and is efficiently staffed by Rachel Buzzetti.