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Nevada Ranchers Launch Aggressive Ad Campaigns in 2017

On behalf of Nevada’s Public Land Ranchers, the Nevada Rangeland Resources Commission has approved an aggressive advertising effort scheduled throughout 2017.

Annually, the Commission has the responsibility of considering funding proposals that educate or inform the public about the rancher’s role in public land grazing. This year they considered requests from six applicants, all with programs designed to promote responsible grazing on Nevada’s rangelands. The grants were awarded at NRRC’s meeting, March 6th in Winnemucca,

Nevada ranchers with public land grazing allotments fund the NRRC based on the number of AUM’s they are authorized to graze on their respective allotments.

A major portion of the funding will, for the first time, be allocated to a year long, multimedia advertising campaign that that will include the airing of two hour long documentaries, a television advertising campaign and the launch of a social media program. All will be tied to an expanded educational series targeting both our state’s young people and their teachers, according to Rachel Buzzetti, NRRC Commission Secretary.

Specific projects proposed by Golden Productions approved by the NRRC commission include:

A 30 minute documentary targeting both ranchers and “Future Stewards of the Range” was filmed at Smith Creek Ranch in the Desatoya Mountains in June. The documentary will air in the Fall of 2017 on Charter media channel 190 available in 101,000 households in Western Nevada.

“The Arid West”, a 60 minute documentary, exploring the many issues that the prolonged drought in Nevada caused for Nevada ranchers, particularly the Argenta controversy of 2014-15 aired on Spectrum Charter Channel 190 on 4 consecutive Wednesday nights at 8:00 p.m. from July 26th thru August 9th, 2017. The Spectrum/Charter cable network reaches 101,000 subscribers in northern Nevada and Lake Tahoe “The Arid West” documentary can also be viewed on this website on the ‘videos” page.

The successful advertising campaign launched in 2016 on Reno TV channels KAME Fox 11 and KRXI My21 will again be aired in 2017 and include 30 second and 15 second commercials under a “Responsible Ranching” theme that will inform viewers of the rancher’s perspective on the wild horse issue, sagegrouse, grazing fees and sustainable grazing. All commercials can be viewed on www.nevada by clicking on advertising campaigns.

The Stewards educational series originally funded and created in 2013 will be expanded and given new life in an alliance with the Nevada Department of Agriculture’s “Ag in the Classroom” program. Created to conform to current Nevada curriculum standards NRRC funded series will now be presented to educators in a Ag in the Classroom teachers workshop in the summer as well as through the students attending the Rangeland summer camp.

Additionally the commission approved funding requests from Range Magazine, Progressive Rancher, Great Basin Water Network and Nevada Rancher Magazine on a variety of projects to promote public land ranching.

The NRRC is governed by a commission of nine voting members. These members are nominated through each of the grazing boards, Nevada Cattlemen’s Association, Nevada Woolgrowers and the Farm Bureau; then appointed by the Governor. The NRRC has one part-time staff person.

Current commissioners include: Hank Vogler, Chairman, Rama Paris, Vice Chairman, Tim Delong, Hank Combs, Joe Kircher, Mike Riordan, Richard Huntsburger and Mitch Heguy.

NRRC was pleased to again sponsor an award-winning book “Cowboys & Critters”, the latest in a series of outstanding books published and edited by C.J. Hadley and RANGE magazine. The 160-page hardback features 186 color photographs by over 60 of the finest wildlife and ranch photographers in the country.

It also includes excellent essays on wildlife, ranch life and the people who make their living in the West. The publication is due out in late October 2016 Retail price $45.00.