In 2021,  New projects will be considered for funding in the Spring of 2021.

In 2020, despite the unprecedented disruption of the Coronavirus pandemic and the necessity to conduct meetings by Zoom, NRRC commissioners funded and approved the following projects.

In 2020, For the first time Commissioners approved funding to air 4 documentaries “Rangeland Grazing and Water, The Arid West, Future Stewards of the Range and Rangeland Fire” as a series over a two month period in evening prime time television in the northern Nevada market which allowed a significant increase in exposure and continuity to the rangeland message.

In 2020, directed “Range Magazine” to create four new, full color full page NRRC ads for future additions with the theme “Growing Your Food on Your Public Land” as well as continuing funding publication expenses.

In 2020, In addition to funding ½ page color ads in “Progressive Rancher” magazine the publication will continue to honor traditional agriculture while educating readers about how public land ranchers and land management agencies work together to insure rangeland health.

In 2020, Great Basin Water Network was congratulated on their victory in their long battle to stop the “Water Grab” by Las Vegas and were funded to continue their newsletter and, for a new banner for the Water Grab bucket.

In 2020, Continued funding for Reveg Edge in their continued efforts to utilize native grassland ecological restoration technologies to restore cheatgrass infested rangelands to native grasses.

In 2020,  Progressive Rancher and Nevada Rancher magazines also received funding for their advertising and editorial efforts to support public land ranching.

In 2020,  In cooperation with the Eastern Nevada Landscape Coalition NRRC approved funding to produce a series of video segments for education and social media on proactive Pinion Juniper management.  Covid-19 concerns have delayed the project but it is scheduled to be completed by June of 2021.

In 2019, Began production on a new documentary on the impact of rangeland fire on Nevada ranchers and aired on Reno TV the “Rangeland Water & Grazing” documentary.

In 2019, Funded the promotion of NRRC’s message by placing ads and a written column in Nevada Rancher Magazine.

In 2019, Funded Sierra Nevada Journeys a Reno non profit in the creation of a rangeland station to bring awareness and understanding of rangeland specific issues to urban youth and their families.

In 2019, Supported Great Basin Water Network in their ongoing effort to prevent the massive inter-basin transfer of water from rural Nevada to urban southern Nevada.

In 2019, Continue monetary support for “Range Magazine” to provide 500 gift subscriptions for eastern doctors and attorney’s offices, a 4 color full page ad and distribution of 652 copies of the new book “The Magnificent American West”.

In 2019, Continue funding for “Progressive Ranching” magazine as they continue to educate readers how public land ranchers contribute to the rural economy and rangeland health.

In 2019,  Reveg Edge received funding for their test program to develop native grassland restoration methods in partnership with local ranchers.

In 2019, Through Golden Productions contracted with DragonFly Media to maintain the NRRC website, initiating a new upgrade to allow the site to be accessed by a variety of hand-held devices in addition to laptops and desktop computers

In 2019, Approved airing the documentary “Rangeland Grazing and Water” on Reno television KRNV and KRXI 13 times

In 2018, Authorized production of a new 30 minute documentary by Golden Productions, validating public land ranchers ownership of grazing and water rights on the West’s public lands.

In 2018, Scheduled airings of the NRRC funded 30 minute documentary “Future Stewards of the Rangeland” on television channels in the northern Nevada market.

In 2018, Produced six 1-3 minute educational videos on wild horses narrated by young hosts to air on social media such as Facebook and YouTube.

In 2018  In addition to maintaining the NRRC website and Facebook page, approved a new focus on developing ad content for social media campaigns.  In addition, collecting viewership analytics from the website.

In 2018 Continued funding Range, Progressive Ranching and Nevada Rancher magazines for their continued advertising and editorial support of public land ranching.  Great Basin Water Network also received funding.